Friday, May 4, 2007

Written Exam

All i can remember is the stress that i went through.. Everyday was the same routine.. Wake up at 6 , after Subuh instead of going back to bed , had to force myself to stay away from the bed.. have breakfast watch a bit of TV ( max 15min ) just to give myself some motivation .. then straight to books and notes till lunch.. allocated time to rest is only 1 hour , that is to cook and eat.. then slept at 11 or 12.. The routine is a way to train my body and mind to face a greater challenge during the exam week especially the clinical exam..

Time was very tight.. I kept telling myself there's no time to waste.. so many things to read and revise.. and this is the only time that i would do such thing... i thought i was going maaddd!!!

It's all about discipline and study smart.. there is no point of studying so hard that you compromise your health...

The Written Exam
Medicine -
I am so glad that almost everything that I focused on came out in the exam.. because of the rush of ideas , time was very very tight for me!!! my fingers hurt!!!

Surgery - Enteral feeding?!!? wadeheeell.. I didnt read anything about it!!! It's time to ramble around it! hahahah.. There was so many things to write but so lil time to spend!!!

Psych MCQ - This was a funny exam.. no one was fully prepared for it.. i had to force myself reading the book 2 days before exam.. it was soo tough that i dunno if i could pass it!

Ahhh 3 down and 2 more to go!!!!

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You are a bit slow with updating your site Doctor :D